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Accelerating Innovation


Startup meets grownup

NewBorn, powered by Born05, specializes in accelerating innovation. It helps promising startups to grow by connecting them to a vast network and providing them with the right people and tools to flourish. But also by offering them tailor-made brand and business strategies that fit the dynamics of young companies perfectly. NewBorn pushes boundaries, creates room for experiments and explores the unexplored. This helps broadening the horizon, making Born05 even more complete as an agency.


“Collaborate to accelerate”

It takes two to accelerate innovation, plus three key ingredients to create the perfect chemistry.


Innovation is a two-way street. A spark is crucial, but also a mutual understanding about the idea, the product and the people involved.


Firmly embedded in the NewBorn DNA. Try first, evaluate later. Tweak and test on-the-go. It's the only way to be innovative.


Ideas can only become game changers if you put everything in it. We too will go all-in, investing time, knowledge, network and firepower.

For who?

“If you want to stand out,
be outstanding”

NewBorn is looking for game changers. Startups with an idea or product that will challenge the status quo. Disruptive? Of course. But most important: really outstanding. Different from what we've seen so far, no matter what industry we're talking about. We want to partner up with energetic ambitious idealists who believe they can make a difference.

Our expertise

We are strategists and storytellers, craftsmen and pixel lovers, creative professionals, game geeks and everything in between. All in the same building, working across disciplines. Because we believe innovation starts when we work as a team. So every step is connected.

NewBorn expertise: Network


Born05 has been around for 10 years now, working for big brands like KLM, KPN, ING and Bol.com, enabling the agency to build a valuable network that includes the best people in the business. We have solid relationships with grade-A clients, active in a wide variety of industries.

NewBorn expertise: Strategy


Whether you're a startup or a seasoned brand, you always need a strategy. Our strategy department will shower you with insights that will light the way to a solid master plan.

NewBorn expertise: Concept


This is the phase where strategy starts to become reality, as our creatives will hone the idea and mould it into a realistic concept.

NewBorn expertise: UX Design

UX Design

User experience is the glue between strategy, concept, design and development. In their words: a button-philosophy. How does the end-user behave? How should an interface work? Always looking for a win-win situation, they turn client objectives into an awesome experience.

NewBorn expertise: Design


How do you visualise an emotion or show a sensation? Our designers are visual thinkers and have one major goal: make it crazy beautiful, sharp and perfect, down to the last detail. They try to do this all day long, but at some point we have to send them home.

NewBorn expertise: Development


These are our builders. With terrifying precision they construct the design, line by line, until it comes to life. Once they’ve made something beautiful, they try to destroy it with testing until they know it works on every possible device.

NewBorn expertise: Content


Long story short: our interactive editors, video reporters and photographers are in this to create stories that matter. Without meaning, they say, there is no experience.


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